Finding rental accommodation

Often when you are in the UK, you want to be able to find a good short-term rental, which will get you set up before you arrive in BC. The trouble is that good rental companies are hard to find and accommodation for families may be particularly challenging.

Why is there this shortage of decent rental companies who can offer something at an affordable price? It's really frustrating, and for those who are moving from the world of mortgages and home insurance, or looking at that method of living as an option, you can certainly see why renting can be a stressful, financially difficult prospect.

People “in the know” have said that property companies are getting out of the rental market for a variety of reasons:

  1. Smaller companies are being taken over by larger ones who want to concentrate on the high end and corporate rentals.
  2. An increase in the number of tenant problems with grow ops, criminals etc.
  3. A huge number of “good tenants” have recently been able to buy property with current low interest rates and 100% finance deals.
  4. “Bad tenants” are perceived to get too much protection.

For really short-term rentals, a reasonable alternative is the rental suite. Basic accommodation, beds bath, living room and you get a kitchen as well. There are a ton of these in the West End and a couple on the North Shore. I have a couple of recommendations. So email me when you are coming to Vancouver.

Basically, most rentals are done privately - check the local papers or main papers (see our list in the right hand column).

You may also want to try the following:

Classified adverts
Best source when you are here, or due to arrive very shortly.

Rental companies - Vancouver and area
These are sites which rent suites in one or more buildings. These are mostly the property managers for the building. I have included a couple of housing co-op’s - more info on this at end of page.

Rental companies - Victoria and area

Internet sites - various areas

  • Craig’s List
    In B.C. this only covers the two main cities and their surrounding communities. Useful once you are here, and remember to check it out for things being sold.
  • UBC Faculty Housing List
    The University of BC’s housing list covers mostly Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.
  • UBC/AMS Rentline
    This covers Vancouver only but does have short term, sublets and even shared apartments. Mainly in Vancouver’s West Side
  • Vancouver Monthly Rentals
    List of monthly rental property in Vancouver area.
  • RentBC
    Searchable listings throughout B.C.
    Bed and Breakfasts.
  • Places4Rent
    Searchable site, covering the whole of BC.
  • BC Classifieds
    Wide ranging searchable site

Vancouver short term rentals
indicates we have negotiated a discount for clients. Please enquire with us.

  • Make yourself at home
    Short term furnished places in the metro Vancouver area. Have been told they are a good source of private furnished places.
  • Suite Deals
    Fully furnished apartment suites in North Vancouver. Usually minimum of one month’s stay.
  • Rose Ellen SuitesDiscount available for our clients
    This has furnished suites available for short lets. Based in Vancouver’s West End, so handy for Stanley Park and downtown.
  • Rosedale on Robson
    One and two bed suites in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Come with kitchens.
  • Times Square Suites
    These suites in downtown Vancouver, Robson St and Denman, and are available for short lets.

Victoria - Bed and Breakfast / Furnished rentals

  • Haro House
    Shameless plug for my cousin’s bed and breakfast in Victoria. This is a truly magical spot overlooking the Haro Strait - sleep 15ft from the water.
  • Spring Ridge Cottage
    Conveniently located within Victoria, this rental cottage has been recommended by one of our clients.

Our advice is to budget for at least a couple of weeks, short term accommodation, as some landlords may be hesitant to take you on when you do not have Canadian references or credit history when you first arrive.

Co-operative Housing

Co-op’s are places where you buy a share in the co-op and vote on the way it is run. You may have to pass an interview to join the co-op. Co-op’s are an affordable housing initiative and have been going for many years. More information on co-op’s at the Co-operative Housing Federation web site.

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