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Lost and found

On our trip to and from Kelowna we used our GPS (Sat Nav). This toy (sorry tool 🙂 is wonderful when you are traveling around in unfamiliar areas. We were able to set out from Vancouver with our hotel’s address already entered and be confident that we would not only find Kelowna but also get all the way to the hotel.

Our GPS talks to us. No really it does. It tells us which turning to take. Now on a short journey in the city, it pretty much never shuts up. But on a long journey, where you are on the same road for a long time, you begin to wonder if it is on. Especially on this journey over the Coquihalla highway. The map shows you nothing but the road you are on. For five hours. In case anyone has forgotten, Canada is BIG. Really big.

We spent some time imagining what it would be like to drive from coast to coast. It would not only be the GPS that was silent. We would run out of conversation. Probably in Alberta.

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