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Going potty over potlucks

Plate of food from a potluckWhen we first came to Canada, like most Brits, we didn’t really know what a potluck was. Hence this brief introduction to an essential element to life in Canada and the US.

If you are invited to someone’s home for a potluck then you are expected to bring some food that can be shared by you and the other guests. The host will usually give you some guidance, such as bring a dessert, main course or appetiser. If not, then it is wise to ask: “what can I bring?” or “would my chocolate brownies be ok?”.

Some tips:

  • Bring a suitable quantity of your dish to allow all guests the chance of getting a serving. 
  • Label your food, especially if it contains nuts or other allergens. 
  • Also label the container you use if you want it back. We usually use painter’s tape with our name and phone number at stick this on the underside of the dish. That way the host knows exactly who to call.
  • Don’t eat all the food you bring! (Unless no one else is eating it!)
  • Compliment the food if you want to make friends.
  • Even if it is not a potluck affair it is common for people to bring a hostess gift, often a small item of food, such as pickles, relishes or chocolates. Bonus points can be obtained for bringing homemade items.

Once you realize the benefits of potlucks, you’ll wonder why they’re not more common. It makes the host’s life so much easier and encourages entertaining by spreading the strain around evenly.

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