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It’s a sign

Deep Cove's dog sign
Good dog!

There must be something in the water (or more likely coffee) that the sign writers in North Vancouver drink because they certainly let their sense of humour out to play. This example is one of the best known. It is in Deep Cove, the eastern most part of the north shore. Perhaps that’s where it all started – the sign writers must have thought that this would be too far off the beaten track. Not so! Deep Cove is a popular place because it is quiet and has great access to the waters of Indian Arm. In fact just by this sign you can hire a kayak and go out and explore this beautiful inlet.

Off leash area exit sign
Sorry buddy

This one apologizes to the dog for having to go back on the leash when leaving the off leash area. This is down by the harbour centre in North Vancouver. The fenced in off-leash area has its own beach so that the dogs can swim.

There are a lot of other signs around the area. I collected a few photos on our facebook page if you want to see more. Or you can spend an enjoyable day yourself and tour North Vancouver looking out for similar signs.

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