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US Election coverage

The big thing this week was the election of Barack Obama. Sue and I, like many others, watched the election coverage on tv. We started out watching our local tv station – Global. But it was not long before we switched to BBC Canada. Somehow these landmark events need the cultured tones of a Dimbleby.

For anyone who grew up in the UK, the BBC is an automatic accompaniment to any big event. Probably that is true outside of the UK too. The BBC is far more global than our own Global TV will ever be.

It is one of those things that I miss from the UK – the BBC, good news coverage and good newspapers. Our local tv can be very folksy. Watching one of the news anchors being made up for halloween is a recent example of our news programming. What else was going on while Steve was being dressed up and having his make up applied?

As to the election result, so far I have not met anyone who is disappointed. Obama seems to be as popular north of the border as he is south of it. He has his work cut out for him, but we are all, it seems, ready for the change he promises.

Federal Election

Canadian politics is not very exciting. At least I cannot raise much interest in it. Watching the tv news here in Vancouver, I thought that I was not alone. One of the lead stories was about the failure of one of the polling stations to open on time. Disappointed voters were interviewed. Did I catch you yawning?

Voter turnout was also at a low – 59% set a new record low. Perhaps we are tired of the regular elections and minority governments. As one friend of mine said, Canadian political parties and politicians seem almost interchangeable. I guess we will not see much change as a result of our continuing Conservative minority government.

Well, I did go out to vote. Civic duty, combined with walking the dog, allowed me to be a good citizen and a responsible pet owner at the same time. The polling station seemed fairly well attended and there were a lot of people hanging around and chatting to their friends and neighbours. Most were combining their duty with other things – jogging, back from the grocery shopping or whatever. One lady I passed on my way back seemed to have made this into a special occasion. She was dressed most elegantly, especially in comparison to your dog walking author!

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