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Canadian teeth are perfect. Sometimes they are so perfect that they look like a mouth full of chiclets. Each one identical, gleaming white and even.

Our dentist here said that Canadian dentists are concerned with the whole lifetime of the teeth. The aim is that your teeth remain in good health and outlast you. And that the dentist, orthodontist and hygienist get to drive a nice car and holiday in Maui.

Ok – maybe I will give them credit for caring for the state of my teeth. But having had our youngest just graduate from braces, we are somewhat cynical about the whole thing. His teeth are lovely of course. But he has had years of misery.

Several times we have been into the orthodontist to discuss progress and see if we could get the braces off early. Each time he warned us of all the terrible consequences of not completing the treatment. Most of these consequences are a long way off – especially if you are a teenager looking for a date! 

Actually they are a long way off for anyone. Your teeth will wear out if they’re not aligned properly. So each time we caved and continued paying our monthly fee (nearly $200) and wondered if our son would ever smile.

British teeth have a bad rep here. “Teeth like tumbled down tombstones.” Perhaps that’s why Hollywood casts British actors as the bad guys – their teeth look scary.

Now that Greg has his braces off, his teeth do look nice. And we see more of them as he is smiling at last. And we too are smiling as we’ve paid for the treatment. Putting him through university will be a snap after this.

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