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Our top 5 apps for Vancouver’s visitors

screenshot from the Visit Vancouver iPad appIf you are planning a research trip or holiday in British Columbia then you might want to get these apps to help you make the most of your trip.

1. Visit Vancouver iPad app

This new app for the iPad is pretty comprehensive (and free too). You get:

  • A guide to the local transit system for finding your way around
  • Hotel and hostel guide
  • Restaurants
  • Activities of many kinds
  • Local calendar of events
  • And beautiful video and photos to inspire you

Find the app at the app store.

2. Street Food Vancouver

The street carts selling food to passing pedestrians have grown way beyond the humble hotdog stand. Now you can sample food from a huge variety of cuisines, really showcasing all that Vancouver’s foodies can provide. The Street Food Vancouver app lets you find what food trucks are operating and where.

Details for Street Food Vancouver are also on the app store.

3. On the Go Kids

If you’re visiting with your kids then this might be the app for you. Full of events and activities for the younger set, you can search for activities that they might enjoy. A research trip needs to include fun time for both adults and kids. Find out what your family activities will be when you’re living here.

On the Go Kids can be seen here.

4. Canucks

If you really want to experience being a Vancouverite then you have to support the Canucks NHL hockey team (assuming they get to play this season). This app will keep you in touch with what may just become your team.

Go Canucks at the app store. (Other versions are available for blackberry and android at the Canucks site.

5. Translink’s trip planner

This is a really useful app for getting around on the transit system. It even includes up to date information on bus arrival times etc. Some features require a subscription.

Details here.

Finally if you know of any other apps or resources for those visiting Vancouver (or elsewhere in BC) then let me know.

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