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Outshining the neighbours in your holiday preparations

The house is lit up‘Tis the time of year to..

Put up the Christmas lights.

And here in Vancouver most homes have at least some lights adorning them. I have seen everything from the token string of lights around a convenient bush to the full-on Griswolds from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

In our last house we had someone put the lights up simply because I didn’t have ladders long enough to reach the eaves. And I figured that I was contributing to the local economy and helping a retiree earn a bit extra (while putting his life at risk up the top of a ladder).

Our new home is a rental and our lease forbids us to attach anything to the exterior of the home. I am not sure if that was an expression of “bah humbug” or whether they wanted to protect the neighbours from our poor taste in exterior illumination!

Luckily at the front of the house is a row of 4 foot cedar trees. With some extension cable and piggy backing lines of lights, I have lit up all 12 trees, as well as the bamboo thicket. If the dog stood still I would have illuminated him!

Our neighbours have all entered into the spirit of the thing. The spirit being competition. Across the way there have been more lights added to their display almost every day. The nodding reindeer were a nice touch.

A deflated Santa is a sad sightFurther down the road they’ve gone with the inflatable Santa and snowman. Personally I think that is sad. Especially when the compressor is off and the poor devil is flat. That could be quite damaging for young children. If you’re thinking of going with an inflatable decoration please keep the compressor running throughout the Christmas season. After all Christmas is all about the kids isn’t it?

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