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Good news and bad news for parents wanting to join their families in Canada

Family reunification is on the mind of parents
Parents want to join their families in Canada

Jason Kenney, the Immigration Minister, just announced new measures that will eventually improve things for parents and grandparents seeking to join their families in Canada. But for now the news is not all good.

The bad news

Canada is no longer accepting applications for people wanting to join their children or grandchildren in Canada. This move is a temporary one and gives Canada time to address the backlog of applications – currently sitting at 180,000. That’s a lot of unhappy people.

The intention is for the backlog to be cleared over the next two years. This will be done by increasing the annual quota from 15,300 to 25,000. At the end of two years, applications will be accepted once again, and by then the system will be working much better.

The good news

The pain of not being able to get into Canada is being eased by the new super visa. This is a 10 year visa that will allow parents and grandparents to visit for up to 2 years at a time. There are conditions, including the need to have private health insurance and a minimum $17,000 a year.

Full details are available on the CIC site.


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