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Happy Thanksgiving

A Turkey
A Turkey – image courtesy of Wikipedia

Turkeys may not be rejoicing at this time of the year. Not only are they the traditional choice for celebrating Canada’s Thanksgiving holiday, but also the massive recall of E-Coli infected beef has taken many alternative choices off the menu.

I am sure that Canadians will find a way to enjoy the holiday – after all it is about gathering together with family and friends and the feasting is secondary. No really!

When we first came to Canada the whole idea of Thanksgiving was quite foreign to us. In the UK the nearest equivalent is Christmas dinner (where the turkey features too). So over the years we have failed to develop a tradition. Each year we celebrate by eating whatever we want. That has included eating pizza, Mexican, curry and one dreadful year – tofurky!

However you are celebrating this harvest festival, we wish you and your family an enjoyable time.


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