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Our real estate services

We have a network of licensed REALTORS® (real estate agents) in British Columbia. We work with people relocating into British Columbia.

Why use us to help you buy?

There is so much to do when moving countries and getting to grips with a new way of buying and selling real estate can be quite difficult. We know. And having done this ourselves we will guide you through the whole process.

It is much easier, and stress free, when you have some there who will take you through each step. All the way up to the point of moving into your new home.

What do we do for you?

We will help you find a realtor to act as your buyer’s agent. Below is a list of the things that they would do for you as your buyer’s agents:

  • Get to understand what you need and want in a home.
  • Select and suggest suitable properties for you to view.
  • Send you listings with full information on the property.
  • Make appointments and accompany you to see properties of interest.
  • Arrange and take you on tours to view a number of properties in an area.
  • Give you information on the real estate market in your chosen area.
  • Get you details of comparable properties sold recently.
  • Give you the sales history of homes in the area.
  • Present you with enough information so that you can come to an informed decision on what to offer.
  • Draw up legally binding offers for the purchase of your chosen property.
  • Negotiate with the sellers on your behalf.
  • Once your offer is accepted they would help you carry out your due diligence so that you can safely remove subjects – or not.
  • Finally they will be there when you move into your new home.

How do you make best use of our Buyer’s Agent?

The first step is to get in touch with us and talk about your real estate needs. If we are to help you then we want to know as much as we can about your real estate requirements. You will need to tell us the obvious things: number of bedrooms, bathrooms, size, price range, etc.

We have also found that buying a home is more than just your basic needs. This is a very personal thing – your home is probably your major financial investment, but it is also an investment in your family and lifestyle. So by going beyond your basic needs, we aim to find out about what you want and why. The last part is often the most important. By understanding your motivation we may be able to find something that works for you that you may not have even considered on your own.

Once we have an initial understanding of your needs and wants, we set you up with our home hunter automated email alerts. These are a great way of keeping on top of the real estate market because you will be seeing new listings as soon as they appear on the MLX and that can be three days or so before they appear on the public MLS site. You have already got ahead of anyone who is not using a buyer’s agent. Your role is to check these emails to see if any are of interest.

If you are available to see properties during the day, the usual practice when you are actively looking is to take you to the agents previews. This is when new listings are first shown to realtors. By taking you to these, you have another chance to get in and see something before anyone else. This has been particularly useful in our recent hot market.

All of this time spend with you, taking you to view properties or talking over the listings we’ve sent you, gives us a great understanding of you. Often we find that our clients enjoy this process and seem almost sad when it is over and they’ve found their new home. We’re pleased to say that many of our clients start off as strangers and become friends by the time they’ve moved in.

What if you want to work with us?

Get in touch. We will be happy to meet up so that you can decide if you want us to help you with your next move.

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