Looking for a job beyond the Vancouver area?

The Immigrant Employment Council of BC (IEC-BC) has launched a new website that connects immigrants already living in Metro Vancouver with jobs in three northern BC communities: Prince George, Prince Rupert and Fort St. John. NorthernBC jobs features job listings as well as resources for job seekers and employers. According to Kelly Pollack, CEO of IEC-BC, “The reality is that even with full participation of the existing population, BC will still need about 265,000 international workers to meet the projected labour demand” and this effort to attract skilled workers already in BC is “an effective human resource strategy that can complement other initiatives to increase workforce participation from other underrepresented groups.” For more information visit northernbcjobs.com.


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Three Ranch Accommodations in BC’s Interior

If you’re looking to a true escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, a ranching vacation makes for the perfect getaway. British Columbia’s interior is home to many beautiful ranches with on-site accommodations to suit a wide range of desires. Here are some suggestions for guest ranches to stay at near the interior community of Merritt, courtesy of the staff at the British Columbia Visitor Centre @ Merritt:

Douglas Lake Ranch

Stoney Lake Lodge at Douglas Lake Ranch near Merritt BC featuring a red roof, wood building, trees in the foreground and a blue sky with white clouds above.

Stoney Lake Lodge at Douglas Lake Ranch near Merritt. Photo: Douglas Lake Ranch via Facebook

Located less than an hour’s drive northeast of Merritt, the Douglas Lake Ranch is Canada’s largest working cattle ranch with a history dating back to the 1880’s. From camping to lakeside lodges, yurts, cabins and a classic ranch house, this ranch has accommodations to suit everyone’s preferences. It provides an incredible opportunity to get in touch with nature, while enjoying incredible views, fishing and fine dining.

A-P Guest Ranch

A-P-Guest-Ranch-Cabin with a green roof and wood building set in the background of rolling hills and trees.

A-P Guest Ranch near Merritt. Photo: A-P Guest Ranch via Facebook

The A-P Guest Ranch is a western guest ranch located 54 km (38 mi) from Merritt. The ranch has a main lodge with eleven rooms, each detailing old west characters, and one cabin which comfortably sleeps four. Surrounded by rolling hills and picturesque lakes, this ranch offers activities for all ages. Guests can take advantage of trail riding, youth horsemanship camps, hiking and biking trails, angling and more. With country-western dances and barbecues happening throughout the summer, you’ll be caught up in the country lifestyle in no time.

Sundance Guest Ranch

One-level Sundance Guest Ranch in Aschroft, BC with a flat green lawn in front and rolling hills in the background.

Sundance Guest Ranch in Ashcroft. Photo: Sundance Guest Ranch

The Sundance Guest Ranch is located 98 km (61 mi) from Merritt in Ashcroft. This single-level ranch house offers 22 rooms, all with air conditioning and private bathrooms. There are over 100 happy horses enjoying thousands of hectares on the gorgeous grounds, making it a perfect destination for a horseback holiday.  The ranch’s dining room overlooking the pastures allows for peaceful admiration of the grazing horses as guests enjoy delicious foods from around the world. When it’s time to relax after a day’s ride, there are many outdoor decks, a heated pool and spa services on-site.  The games room is a great place to visit with the kids, as are the property’s walking and hiking trails. Sundance offers special deals throughout the spring and summer, including cowgirl getaways and gourmet weekends.

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Explore BC’s Wildlife with @johnemarriott

Discover BC through the eyes of its locals! Each week we #exploreBC through a different Instagrammer who share their favourite local spots and experiences.

This week, we’re featuring @johnemarriott, one of Canada’s premier wildlife photographers. This week, he will be sharing some of his favourite wildlife shots from throughout the province.

The silhouette of a wood bison against a gray sky in Northern British Columbia by @johnemarriott.

“It’s always a thrill to travel the roads in Northern British Columbia and watch for these big behemoths along the right-of-ways. Despite the fact I grew up in Salmon Arm in the interior of BC, I had no idea that our province had wild bison until my first trip up the Alaska Highway in 2002. Watch for this guys around Liard Hot Springs, in particular.”

A white-coated Kermode bear walking across a creek in the Great Bear Rainforest, with mossy rocks and trees surrounding him.

“There are few experiences quite like watching one of the world’s rarest mammals, the kermode bear (a black bear with a double recessive gene that makes 1 in 10 white), fish for salmon in the lush Great Bear Rainforest south of Prince Rupert. There are fewer than 400 kermode bears in the world, all found only in British Columbia, so I feel privileged that I’ve gotten to spend time photographing them every year since 2008.”

A Grizzly bear looking curious amongst the grass at Mussel Inlet in the Great Bear Rainforest.

“I was leading a photo tour into a remote inlet in coastal British Columbia in late October 2013 and we hadn’t had much luck finding grizzly bears. On our final day, in the pouring rain, we came across this gorgeous bear that sat and posed for us just meters in front of our zodiac. It was a magical experience with a beautiful animal that I won’t soon forget.”

Mountain goat sleeping on a mountain cliff under one sole tree near Golden

“I was driving the Trans-Canada Highway near Golden, British Columbia last spring when I suddenly noticed this guy laying on a cliff up above the highway to my right. From a photographer’s perspective, it was a stunning scene, with the one lone tree providing company (and contrast) to this big billy goat taking a break from a life of wandering these harrowing mountainsides.”

Bull moose with big antlers poking is head through the shrubs with skinny trees in the background in Kootenay National Park's Marble Canyon by @johnemarriott

Kootenay National Park in the Canadian Rockies is one of Canada’s most scenic national parks, but it also comes with a healthy population of wildlife. I spent a week following this big bull and a buddy of his through the regenerating forests near Marble Canyon, which where burnt to a crisp during a massive forest fire in 2003. While the fire temporarily created a stark barren landscape, today its lush new growth attracts all sorts of animals, big and small.”

Humpback whale breaching with water spraying off its body, mountains in the background and blue sky above near Bella Bella

“You’ve got to be kidding me! I think I must have said those words a hundred times off the north coast of Vancouver Island on the glorious sunny day that my photo group came across this playful humpback whale, which thundered in and out of the water over and over and over again for almost two hours one summer afternoon. We never did figure out what it was doing (showing off for the photographers?), but we were definitely grateful for the experience.”

A close up of a wild gray wolf and its piercing yellow eyes near Prince George

“Few animals in British Columbia are harder to photograph than wild wolves. I’ve spent years tracking and following certain packs in Alberta and British Columbia and every once in a while run in to incredible situations with wolves that defy all stereotypes. This particular wolf near Prince George early one spring morning (4:55 am!) was incredibly inquisitive and nosed all around me, but wandered off when a pack mate howled in the distance.”

About @johnemarriott 

John E. Marriott grew up in British Columbia and credits long summer days fishing the creeks of the Shuswap with his Dad for giving him a passion for the outdoors that has led to a 20-year career as one of Canada’s premier wildlife photographers. You will have seen his images on the covers of Canadian Geographic, Canadian Wildlife, and British Columbia Magazine. For more of John’s wildlife photography, visit his website.

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