Frank Gerryts - the Relocation Coach
The Relocation Coach is in

If you want advice and personal coaching on the process of immigration and relocation then I am available for personal consultations. These can be via phone or skype.

You will learn from my own experience in relocating and in helping others make their moves to Canada. You can ask any questions you want.

Here is how to make the most of this opportunity.

1. Prepare by making a list of questions to ask

2. Contact me via email to arrange a suitable time to talk. You can send me your questions in advance if you want.

3. Pay for the session. The fee is agreed in advance and is usually $100 per hour, payable via PayPal.

4. The coaching session takes place at the time agreed. One session is usually enough, but you may want to book subsequent sessions.

Contact me via email at

Note: Coaching does not cover advice on obtaining visas – I am not an immigration consultant.


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