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Looking for a job beyond the Vancouver area?

The Immigrant Employment Council of BC (IEC-BC) has launched a new website that connects immigrants already living in Metro Vancouver with jobs in three northern BC communities: Prince George, Prince Rupert and Fort St. John. NorthernBC jobs features job listings as well as resources for job seekers and employers. According to Kelly Pollack, CEO of IEC-BC, “The reality is that even with full participation of the existing population, BC will still need about 265,000 international workers to meet the projected labour demand” and this effort to attract skilled workers already in BC is “an effective human resource strategy that can complement other initiatives to increase workforce participation from other underrepresented groups.” For more information visit


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New initiative to help the immigrant experience in Vancouver

The City of Vancouver has announced a new partnership working towards improving immigrant access to services, strengthening intercultural and civic engagement, creating inclusive workplaces, and working with governments and public institutions to address immigrant needs. The Vancouver Immigration Partnership, funded by CIC, will work under the guidance of the City of Vancouver. Visit the Vancouver Immigration Partnership website to learn more about their programs and available resources.

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