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Xbox and KD

Xbox parties are great fun if the right people come. Recently, my friends came over for a halo/ fable party. It was very fun because we had 2 TV’s and 2 Xboxs so we could play what we wanted. But apart from the games, food is very important. Especially Kraft Dinner because it is simply and easy to make and it is so tasty. Kraft Dinner, in case you didn’t know, is a macaroni and cheese meal, which tastes really good, I think. So if someone asks you if you want KD it means do you want Kraft Dinner.

Ipods at school

Ipods and MP3 player are a very big thing because nearly everyone in my school has one. Every day you can see people at lunch or even during class listening to their Ipod with a friend. Although some of the time the teachers can take it away from you. But what is even more annoying is that you see the teachers sometimes using it for their own pleasure.


Every year at spring break the Playdome comes to Vancouver. The Playdome is a travelling fare and has many rides. A few days ago, I went with my friends to the Playdome. There were lots of rides like bumper cars, and a Ferris wheel. But there were also many rides for teens, which were quite intense.

As well as the great rides there were also fun games with great prizes. Some of the prizes included giant stuffed animals and toys. There was a huge prize of electric scooters and skate boards. Any way the fare is fun for all the family.

Things I have learnt

When I came to Canada I didn’t know how to snowboard, sail, play basketball (well) and play American football. But now I can play these sports easily. I love to snowboard and sail. At school every morning I play basketball with my friends. It’s so much fun.

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