School’s out for the summer

Kids at play signWhen we were kids we looked forward to the summer. Do you remember the excitement of the last day at school, with the seemingly endless pleasures of summer beckoning? Life seemed full of possibilities. And so much time to enjoy everything.

The last day at school was exciting because of the expectation of pleasures to come. But it could be sad too as there were likely to be one or two friends who were leaving. Perhaps just for a summer holiday, but maybe to go onto a different school.

Now, as an adult, the summer might mean something quite different. How do you cope with entertaining the kids through July and August?

Thankfully a lot of the pleasures of childhood still exist. Canada, and B.C. especially, are outdoors places. There are so many ways to exhaust the kids in the great outdoors. Here in Vancouver we have the mountains and the ocean, so there’s hiking, swimming, biking and all kinds of water sports.

Many parents send their kids off to summer camp. There are loads of different camps, varying from the full on residential camps to the more common day camps.

Residential camps usually include a variety of activities. Our kids did some of these, and got to kayak, sail, hike, climb, do archery and sit around a lot of camp fires!

Day camps are of all kinds. Many are sports related, like soccer or sailing. Then there are music camps (pick your instrument) or even academic ones if you want to learn basic computer skills say. (You might be interested in our son’s account of sailing camp, to get an idea of what goes on).

Some parents send their kids to summer school, particularly when they are older. This is often done to give the child a boost in a particular subject, say Math or English. I’ve heard of parents who send their kids on a course that they’ll be doing in the next academic year – so that they can get good grades when they do it for real. For me, though, summer is the time for the kids to get a chance to switch off from the pressures of school. (I doubt we could get them to switch off their electronic devices, but that would be nice too!).

Childhood lasts only so long and let’s hope your kids get to enjoy their summer along with you.

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