Three tips on getting to know your new neighbourhood

Community notice boardWhen you’ve just moved into the neighbourhood you can feel a bit isolated at first. Here are three tips on getting to know the neighbourhood.

1. Check the local papers

You may get a free paper delivered, and in some areas there may even be more than one. Most of them have their own web sites too. Have a look at the local issues, news and upcoming events. Often it gives a sense of the community feel.

2. Check the bulletin boards

Find the local community centre, recreation centre or pool. There you will find bulletin boards on classes and events in the area.

Another place to look is on the notice boards at the local coffee shops. Here you will see what’s going on locally.

3. Check in with social media

There are a host of social media sites like Yelp, Urban Spoon and FourSquare and there you can find tips and reviews on local eateries and services. You can connect via these media to others in the area too.

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