Who knew the summer Olympics would be popular?

Rosy MacLennan
Gold medal winner - Rosy MacLennan

In 2010 BC, and Vancouver in particular, were (eventually) gripped by the excitement of the winter Olympics. That was understandable from two perspectives – being the host nation (and city) and Canada doing well in the medal count gave us all something to cheer for. Cynicism was forgotten in favour of┬ápatriotism. [Much the same seems to have happened in London]

So what about the summer Olympics? After all it is being held in the far off mother country (at least of some Canadians) and it has a lot more sports that Canada hasn’t really embraced.

The media coverage is understandably heavily biased toward Canadian athletes. Not as much as the woeful American coverage where you’d be forgiven for thinking that the US was the only country competing. At least Canadian commentators mention the other competitors from time to time.

Most people I’ve talked with have been enjoying the Olympics, though it hasn’t been like being in the midst of it as we were in 2010. The opening ceremony was very well liked, though I do wonder how much of the history was understood, especially by those watching on NBC, where the commentators were apparently baffled by a lot of what they saw.

It is interesting that allegiances can be split. Do you cheer for Canada or your former home country? Most of the Brits we know here seem to be rooting for team GB, with a passing interest in how the Canadians are doing. Perhaps that because Britain has been doing so well, and certainly outscoring Canada.

I am not sure whether allegiances matter in our multi-cultural society. After all we welcome people from all over the world and we’re used to them celebrating their cultures and cheering for their sports team. But on hockey night we’ll all be Canucks again!

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