Opening a bank account

Foreign exchange

When we first started our relocation services, opening a bank account in advance of your arrival was a standard part of the package. As the years went by, and banks became warier of money laundering and the terrorist threat, this service became impossible.

Now at last there is a way. Our partners at Moneycorp have negotiated a service in conjunction with Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). If you are a client of Moneycorp then contact your account exec and ask them about this service. If not then it is simple to sign up with Moneycorp – it costs nothing and there’s no obligation to trade.

In our experience there are many other advantages to using a professional service, like Moneycorp, to handle your foreign exchange.

In case you don’t know RBC:

    •  They’re Canada’s largest  bank (by market capitalization and assets), and have been helping newcomers get settled for over seven generations
    • They have the largest branch and ATM (Automated Teller Machine) network in Canada
    • They provide service by phone in up to 180 languages
    • Rated as one of the top 10 “World’s Safest Banks”, by Global Finance magazine in August 2010.
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