When the honeymoon is over

The honeymoon starts now
Keep that loving feeling

When you first move to Canada the chances are that you’ll be in a honeymoon period. Just like those newly in love, you’ll enjoy everything with an uncritical eye. There will be things that are just what you expected. Some things will be better even. And even the odd Canadian foibles you come across will be endearing.

This honeymoon stage is delightful. You can really appreciate the new life you’re making. And the best way to do that is to immerse yourself in what you’re doing. Enjoy the whole experience without analyzing it.

But just like in marriage, there comes a time when you begin to find fault with things. The equivalent of your partner not cleaning up, or leaving stuff all over the floor.

What begins to irritate differs from person to person.

Actually it differs from thought to thought. After all nothing has changed about Canada. It is just that you have begun thinking about it in a different way.

Some people find this stage quite distressing.

As in a relationship it is important to remember that you are committed to the relationship.

You are in Canada and your intention is to make it your new home. Just as in marriage it is not a good idea to be wondering whether there’s not something better somewhere else. Being fully committed to your new life, like your new partner, is the best way to assure that you settle well.

The other thing that really works is to avoid comparing Canada to your previous home country. I recommend that you simply dismiss any comparisons whenever they come to mind. This leaves room for you to appreciate the experience that you are living in the moment.

Comparing and thinking about what life was like before is simply living in the past. That makes it harder to enjoy the present.

Imagine if you did this with your relationship. Your partner would be wondering if you’d rather be with someone else, and would likely feel that you were being critical. That’s not going to help the relationship!

The best thing about appreciating your new life in an uncritical way is that your appreciation will grow. The more you appreciate about Canada the more likely you are to find your experiences more and more enjoyable.

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