A Valentine from your bank

TD Canada Trust branch
Banks look comfy and welcoming

Yesterday we went into our local branch of TD Canada Trust and were struck by how different it was from visiting a bank back in the UK.

The main thing we noticed, on Valentine Day, was that there were red and white hearts decorating the branch. There was a table with cake and coffee for any visitors to help themselves.

We had an appointment and were a bit early, so we sat in one of the many comfortable chairs set out in the area by their meeting rooms. I got chatting to another guy who was sitting there, tucking into the cake. He told me that TD was the best bank. He liked their friendly service… and the cake!

Unlike the UK, the bank tellers are not hidden behind glass walls. You simply walk up to the counter and chat to them while doing your banking. There are ATM’s but most people seem to prefer the personal touch.

We know the bank staff and can even tell you a bit about their lives. For instance we usually meet Melanie. She’s from Toronto originally, but lived in Victoria before moving to Vancouver. She likes hiking, and most recently enjoyed a hike on Bowen Island. She prefers Vancouver to Victoria because she enjoys the bigger city and being able to fly to more international destinations.

I bet that none of my UK readers could tell me similar things about their bank staff.

It makes for an enjoyable, and admittedly slow moving, visit to the bank. But if you want fast then there’s always the ATM’s.

(And by the way, this is not an advert for TD, since our experience is that other banks are equally friendly. I don’t know if they have cake though).


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