Our love hate relationship with snow

Snow on the drive
When it snows we need to park at the top of our drive

This week in Vancouver we had our first big dump of snow and it got me thinking about how we both love and hate the white stuff.

The Love Affair

Before we came to Canada, snow was a rare and exciting thing. And it was one of those things we were most looking forward to. The first year we all signed up for learn to ski or snow board lessons. (The kids all went with the cooler snow boarding option, while Sue and I hit the slopes, literally, with two planks of wood strapped to our feet).

Even if you are not new to Canada the start of the winter season is greeted with excitement. Many people are celebrating that our local ski hills are all opening early this year. The real enthusiasts are heading for Whistler, which opened today.

The Long Drive Home

The other side of the coin is commuting. I am talking here about places like Victoria and Vancouver where we are not used to snow at lower elevations. It comes once or twice a year, and generally not for more than a few days. But in that time it proves how ill prepared most of us are.

Winter tires are only the norm for people who do have to travel any distance. If you’re going to Whistler every weekend, or over the mountain passes to the interior, then you will definitely want snow tires. Otherwise many drivers skip the expense and stick with all season tires.

Most of the time that’s ok.

Then it snows big time. And you’re slipping around on the roads, sliding through the four way stop and are a danger to yourself and others.

That’s when we hate the snow.

There again, you could take the day off. Make a snowman or snow angels in the back yard. Get the snow bus to one of the ski hills. Or stay wrapped up by the fire and enjoy a real winter.

What are you looking forward to when it comes to your first Canadian winter?

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