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  1. Thank you Frank and Sue for this article’s theme. Yes indeed the ‘map’ of one’s new chosen land can only be initially described as experiences based on previous short visits, TV shows/news and meeting the Canadian’s themselves. Landing here, living here is when a new map is activity being drawn out and more details entered.

    We have been in Nova Scotia as residents since mid July and were meant to be having a holiday to Newfoundland for a few weeks. It does not feel at all like a holiday as although we have been visiting some tourist sights we also have one eye on what to sort out and plan for the coming months, eg income, setting up the home, weather. So while relaxing in a Tim Hortons we are also discussing our future and our likes/dislikes of our new map.
    We have a travel blog for those that are interested: http://www.marklinzi.blogspot.com

    Note: for those that like to chat and pass the time of day. Visit Newfoundland. Here they can chat and chat and chat.

  2. Thanks Linzi and Mark. I have enjoyed following your progress on your blog. Reading about the experience of others is one way of ensuring your map is a little more accurate. It helps you imagine what your move might be like.

    Hope your map stretches out to Vancouver eventually. We’d love to chat with you in person about your experiences.

  3. The research trip is a vital piece of the move, but you really need to plan it well and consulting with someone like Frank and Sue who are THERE can make all the difference. I made a short trip out in advance of our emigration, but with hindsight I didn’t cover enough ground, or even come out with the right questions. I viewed several different areas that we were considering moving to, and with Frank’s help, spoke to some realtors in those areas. But visiting isn’t the same as living, and it’s hard to tell from an afternoon’s drop in how close the schools are, where the best shopping area is, how good the public trasport links are.
    Make use of networks of ex-pats already living out here, and folks like Frank and Sue who have been through the process themselves and answered the important questions many times over. You can avoid a lot of grief and stress by making use of other people’s experience.

  4. Damian,
    Thanks for your endorsement both of my message and our service. Our research trip service is often as much about answering questions that you didn’t even know you had. And if you can connect with other ex-pats, that can be both enlightening, and fun too!

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