Crossing over to the Island

BC ferry links the mainland to Vancouver Island
BC ferries link Vancouver Island and the mainland

Vancouver Island is typically called The Island by people here in B.C. We have a lot of islands but Vancouver Island is the big one. In fact it is about the size of England.

I have just been using the ferries as I am writing this in Victoria. We are here for some business and for my cousins’ party to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary!

We came over on the ferry from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver. This takes about an hour and forty minutes to get you to Nanaimo.

This was both a business and pleasure trip for us and looking around at the passengers I’d say that most look liked they were there for pleasure. They were dressed for the outdoors, with hiking boots or sandals, t-shirts or fleeces (on the decks the ferries can often be cold and breezy).

There were others who were probably on business. Heads buried in their laptops or going over papers. They wore more business attire, though we are not a dressy people here, so there were no suits that I saw.

I guess we have mixed feelings about the ferries. That stretch of water is a nuisance. It’d be nice to be able drive the whole way. And relying on BC Ferries, which has a monopoly, is annoying.

On the other hand, there is definitely something relaxing about the sea voyage. Even if you are on a business trip, you can relax a bit, enjoy some spectacular scenery and chat with people you meet. The time goes quickly enough and you’re probably less stressed when you arrive.

For those who really are in a hurry there are the air services linking the Mainland and the Island. These can be a great way to travel as the views are spectacular. Flying with Harbour Air, for instance, will take you from harbour to harbour in 35 minutes. And enjoying the views is also going to help you relax before your ever so important meeting!

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