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Surfer in Tofino, British Columbia
How about learning to surf?

I hear so often from people planning to come to Canada about their hopes for an active lifestyle. So is this a realistic expectation of your new life in Canada?


Absolutely it can be! Like most things it depends on you as you could come here and settle down on the couch to watch tv. Mind you spending any significant time watching north American tv is likely to drive you out of the house.

Actually there are a lot of other factors that will encourage you to get out there.

Firstly there is the beauty of the landscape, mountains, ocean, forest and trails which are a draw in themselves. What’s not to love about the outdoors, right?

Secondly Canada does offer a huge variety of activities that you may not have had the chance to try before, so if you want to try something new there’s bound to be something that will appeal. For example you could try skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, trail running, hiking, snowshoeing, surfing, swimming, kite boarding, roller blading, sailing, fishing, wake boarding, salsa dancing, mountain climbing, zip lining, curling, ice skating, hockey, yoga, mountain biking to mention the ones that come to mind.

Extra encouragement, if it is needed, comes from the numerous “learn to” courses that are on offer. Last week I was in the supermarket and met an English family who’d recently arrived. Their son was wearing his snowboarding gear as he’d just come down from Cypress Mountain where he’d been on a snowboarding camp. There strong English accents were proving difficult for the checkout girl to understand but in other ways they were already becoming Canadian.

It reminded me how much we, as a family, have stretched ourselves since we came here. Between us we have learned to snowboard, ski, surf, sail, snowshoe, ice skate, roller blade, do yoga and cook! Not all of us and not all at the same time of course.

We are continuing to do more, as Sue and I have just signed up for the Sun Run training camp. We will be building up our running skills so that we are ready to take part in April’s 10k Sun Run.

This week I was talking with someone in the UK about their plans to move to Victoria. Part of the reason they’d chosen Canada was that they saw it offered the opportunity for their kids to grow up with wide open spaces that they could explore. Canada still has huge amounts of open spaces and there’s not much to stop you from getting out and enjoying them.

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