Preparing for the snow


Snow on the deck is rare in Vancouver

This advice comes too late if you are here in British Columbia as the snow came down overnight. We woke up to 5cm and it has continued to snow most of the day.

However if you are planning to come to Canada from a country where snow is a rarity then this might help.

You should make sure that you are equipped for snow even if it comes fairly rarely (by Canadian standards coastal B.C. is not a snowy region).

Here is my list of things to do:

  • Fit snow tires if you are going to be relying on getting around in your vehicle
  • Get a good snow shovel, probably a metal one as our snow is wet and heavy
  • Get salt for your driveway and the sidewalks (which you have to keep clear)
  • Good winter gear is worth having too.
  • Get your furnace and fireplaces serviced before winter comes
  • Insulate pipes and winterize any outside taps (faucets) – again before winter!
  • When snow is expected, make any adjustments you might need to your travel plans
  • For example, if your driveway is steep or your road does not get ploughed early on, then consider moving your vehicle to somewhere more accessible
  • Be aware that “snow days” are called when the weather is bad and this might mean your kids don’t need a ride, but they may need someone to look after them.
  • If you are travelling into work then public transit may be your best bet as their routes are kept clear whenever possible
  • Use the highway and traffic cams to check on conditions if you are driving
  • Have an emergency pack in your vehicle. Warm blanket, cell phone, flashlight, candles, snacks, water and a shovel.
  • If the weather is extreme then better stay home

And if you are in B.C. it is very rare for bad weather to last for more than a few days. Our overnight snow is turning to rain even as I write this!


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