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  1. These tips were passed to me by one of my readers:

    We landed as PR’s in August 30 and settled in Squamish. I have just finalised a job in Vancouver which at least takes the pressure off. My experiences over these past few weeks have generated a couple of my own tips:

    – Keep all old UK insurance documents from every insurance company for the past 10 years prior to moving to maximise the ICBC discount.

    – Try to determine if your chosen career in Canada will recognise your UK qualifications – obtaining ‘Transcripts’ from your old university will entertain many hours on the phone.

    – I would forget using emails to write to prospective employers. They are ignored. Instead first call by phone. To do this load up Skype with credit as this costs 0.7p/min long distance even internationally.

    – There are no Job Centres in Canada but there are other forms of help to convert your carefully honed, factual CV into a mastery of waffle known as the Resume.

    – I mentioned Skype. The quality can vary from superb to impossible; “Hello, can you hear me?” being the limit of conversation. Instead load up with call credit and even better get a pay monthly deal which is 7.99, even cheaper for 3 months for Global unlimited calling to landlines and mobiles

    – If you find your apartment doesn’t have wireless connection buy a Rogers Red Stick – they work everywhere at unbelievable speeds, maybe a $100 plus but its instant and very fast

    – We just bought a car, a little Chevrolet Aveo. Great little thing, economical, loaded with extras. Essential for house hunting and job interview attendance!

    – Maybe some realistic advice on costs to your readers would be useful, particularly the HST cost: food prices, alcohol, toiletries all seem expensive here – Oh for a branch of Asda or Aldi!

    – Avoid buying anything from Craigslist without due diligence, ownership evidence eg bicycle. That will avoid a trip to the Mounties to give evidence statement in your first week!

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