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How to survive Canadian tax season — 2 Comments

  1. A couple of further notes to add to this from my experience. If you have an international tax number (similar to a SIN) and are due a refund from the Revenue then don’t expect it any time soon. I am due a refund and it’s a year now and no urgency what so ever to pay. The revenue did not allow me to deduct the refund of tax off my current year’s tax return, the T1. Oh and they do not pay you any interest on the amount they are kindly ‘keeping’ for you, unlike in the UK. Last grump! The revenue sent me a letter stating that I need not file my tax return until deadline of 30 June each year, so I thought I was okay for a time. However when delving into this it actually means that I can do this but still have to pay any tax owing by 30 April, same as everyone else. So to do this of course I have to have worked out my figures before end April! Not exactly straightforward.

  2. Linzi,
    thanks for the comment. You are right about the deadline for self-employed filing being later. I had the same experience (realtors being self-employed) in that I had to calculate all my taxes and pay before the end of April. It is small consolation that the paperwork could be submitted later!

    When you are here the tax refunds do come through pretty quickly – at least for our kids.



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