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The apartment
One last look at the old place

This week Toni was excited because she was moving out of her apartment and into her townhouse. Her sale completed on Monday and as usual we found out that all was well when Magda in our office tells us that the sale has registered. This means that the Land Title Office has now recorded the new owner on the title and removed Toni.


Unlike in the UK where you also move house on the same day, in Canada it is usual for the move to take place a day or so later. In Toni’s case we had managed to work things so that her townhouse purchase went through on the Tuesday. And again Magda let us know that this sale had registered and Toni was now on the title for her new home.

Now Wednesday came around and this was the day that Toni was due to take possession of her new apartment. Toni was busy with the movers, and I had arranged to meet her at the townhouse and let her into her new place.

One snag popped up. The sellers refused to hand over the keys. I did not let Toni know any of this. Instead I spent a busy morning on the phone. I talked with Magda, with my managing broker, the seller’s realtor and Toni’s lawyers. It took a couple of hours to convince the sellers that the sale had indeed gone through and they could hand over the keys.

So just in the nick of time, I was able to find the seller at her work and get the keys. Then I went to the townhouse to check all was OK while Toni finished up the packing and headed over.

I opened the door of the townhouse and hear the beep of the alarm. “Oh oh” I thought, “the alarm is about to go off”.

And it did. I shut the door and standing on the doorstep made a few more calls. Luckily I reached the seller’s realtor and he knew the alarm code. I was able to get in and disarm the alarm before having to explain myself to the cops!

Perhaps one of the more exciting house moves I have been involved with. I am pleased that all worked out well.



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