The year ahead

As we start a new year and a new decade for that matter, I found myself thinking about what is to come.

The big thing for Vancouver of course is the winter Olympics, now only just over a month away. It seems to have been coming for so long. Expectations are mixed and a lot of Vancouverites are politely worrying about the disruption. That or leaving for a vacation. No doubt it will be an interesting time for us here.

The real estate market has rebounded in many areas and is certainly active now. Even this early into the year we have a lot going on. My guess is this too is Olympics related since the time during the Olympics will be difficult for most Vancouver based real estate transactions. Interest rates will eventually start to rise and that will likely push some buyers out of the market while others will get into it before rates rise too much. (OK – so I don’t know what will happen!)

As to immigration matters, Canada’s plans for immigration have not changed in terms of numbers. The Federal skilled worker program is looking for about 95,000 people. Not a large number considering the numbers who want to come to Canada. The difference with the coming year is that the focus is on economic immigration and Provincial Nominee Programs have been increased. Finding a job before you come will be critical if you want to get into Canada anytime soon. Hopefully Canadian employers will begin to make this easier – you never know.

For more information and detailed numbers on the immigration figures have a look at immigration lawyer David Aujla’s news letter¬†.


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One thought on “The year ahead

  1. Hi, my wife is sponsoring my application to immigrate to Canada (BC) as she has been offered the chance to work in Vancouver with her American company (she is Canadian by birth but has lived in the UK for some 35 years). I will have retired from the UK Police Service but will be seeking employment if possible.

    I have one question that I hope you might be able to answer – if, and when, permament residence in Canada is granted, how long do I have to take residence before the permission is rescinded? Many thanks, Paul Donin

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