Look no hands

I remember six years ago being quite shocked to see someone talking on their cellphone while driving. Actually it was scary. Her phone rang just as we came to a sharp bend. And the ringing was coming from inside her purse. She had a good root around before she found it. Perhaps it wasn’t that long but I had most of my life flash before my eyes!

Now that BC has outlawed using mobile devices while driving this just would not happen.

OK, who am I kidding. Judging by my experience little has really changed. Granted the sales of bluetooth devices have been robust, but there is still no shortage of people driving with a phone to their ear. Whilst drinking coffee and cradling a small designer dog.

Realtors, like us, tend to be on the phone a lot. And in the car too. Sue and I both have bluetooth in our cars. I still don’t like talking on the phone while driving but at least I can do so safely. You may not be surprised to hear that a lot of realtors are still waking up to the new reality. From what I hear there are a lot who simply don’t want to go hands-free.

Before the law was introduced there were even people writing into the papers arguing in favour of talking while driving. Oh and texting too.

The size of the vehicles on the roads here are generally far bigger than in Europe. Here a volvo, BMW X5 or the like is a small car. And there are loads of trucks and minivans too. Driving something that big will tend to make you feel invulnerable. So what’s the problem with a chat on the phone! You do it at home and your car is as big as a house anyway.

Take care out there.


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