The view from up here

Vancouver as seen from the North Shore
Vancouver as seen from the North Shore

We recently had a sale complete for a view property in West Vancouver. Now views are important here – as they are anywhere I guess. I thought it worth running through what you might expect here on the North Shore of Vancouver.

In West Vancouver buyers can be really picky. There are views and views. Those that barely count as a view being the least – the peekaboo view. These are ones where you have to stand in the corner of the room, probably on a step ladder, and then you get a glimpse of water between the trees. Value? Not much. Probably as the listing realtor you should not even say there is a view – too hard to deal with disappointed buyers who don’t have a step ladder.
Then there are views which really let you see something. It may be the mountains, the city or the ocean. The latter may come with or without islands nearby. So yes you can be pretty picky when deciding on the view that you want to enjoy whilst sipping your martini.
Finally there are the true panoramic views – ones that take in the Burrard Inlet, the city, the ocean and Vancouver Island in the distance. Really breathtaking – you might not even need the martini to destress at the end of the day.
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