A rose for the convention centre

The grass roof on the Vancouver Convention Centre

Sue and I went to the Rose Show at the Vancouver Convention Centre last weekend. This was interesting on two counts – the roses themselves and secondly to see the new convention centre.

Roses are one of Sue’s passions. She really wanted to see the roses and hoped to find some climbing ones for the rose arbour she wants me to build for her. Well there were no climbing roses for sale, but there were a lot of roses. Some arranged most artfully.

Like other such shows there were a few stands selling things. In this case we were drawn to the gardening gadgets. We joined the crowd clustered around the magic garden tool that would replace almost all your other tools. He was a good salesman. We bought one and it seemed like every second person was carrying one of these around for the rest of the day – rather awkwardly as they had long handles.

It reminded me of the PNE, another feature of summer in Vancouver. At that show there is usually one hit purchase which just about everyone buys. We have the magic window cleaner, the super cloth and probably a lot of other must have items somewhere in our garage right now.

One of the best things for me in our visit was to get into the new Convention Centre. During construction the area was a mess and people complained about the cost overruns, but seeing it now it is a real credit to the city. The living roof, the mix of natural materials showcases the westcoast architectural style at its best. I hear that it is a financial success and the rose show will not be the only time we visit I am sure.

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