Premature parking

We lived in Twickenham, West London. With three daughters into ballet, we spent a lot of time driving them around to the local ballet studio.

Sue enjoyed just about everything about ballet. She loved dressing the girls in their ballet costumes. She loved doing their hair in fancy styles, like french plaits. She loved watching them compete in ballet festivals. And she loved meeting and chatting with all the other “ballet mums”.

But she did not like driving them to the ballet school. Or, more accurately, finding somewhere to park in the narrow streets around the school. With cars parked on both sides of the road, there was not enough room for cars to pass in both directions. Nightmare.

This experience has made us very good at parallel parking and at spotting a vacant parking spot. Both skills that are not often needed.

We do parallel park here of course. But often there is a lot of room left between cars that the level of skill required is not too high – but even this minimal level is still sadly lacking in many Vancouver drivers!

The ability to spot a parking spot, combined with our lingering fear of not finding a spot means that we panic park. We see a free spot and zip into. Only to find that we are blocks away from our destination. Blocks that are often blessed with many empty parking spots. We call this premature parking.

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