Currency for expats

I came across the following in an Expat Telegraph article called “Can you afford your dream country?”


Currency fluctuation has increased the cost of living in Canada by only 3 per cent in the last six months, the smallest change of all expat hot spots.

With sterling strengthening against the Canadian dollar, British expats living there are enjoying more for their pound.

The average cost of a property in Canada has risen by only £5,599 in six months, a long way from the £32,303 increase in the US.”

It does seem, as one who is now here in Canada, that things are getting more affordable for those coming here. Our housing prices have come down in BC and along with record low interest rates there are a lot of reasons to start looking at the real estate market.

Moving your money over here is dependent on a lot of factors. Most people I talk with are worried about being able to sell their home and, despite what the Telegraph says, are not all that pleased with the exchange rates. It is still a leap of faith coming to Canada and I always urge people to do their research thoroughly. Then you will not have any unpleasant shocks when you do come.

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