Yoga is hot in Vancouver

We have finally become real west coast inhabitants. We (as in Sue and the girls, mostly) are going to Yoga and yoga is very Vancouver. Hip places like Kits have yoga studios which may come close to rivalling coffee bars in number. Yoga mats are commonly seen under the arms or in the back packs of those you pass pretty much anywhere in Vancouver.

In fact Vancouver has even spawned it’s own successful yoga clothing manufacturer – Lululemon. Incredibly fashionable and worn by young and not so young alike – though without the same results!

Here on the north shore, we too have yoga. Nor is it hard to find. In fact it is harder to choose the style of yoga you want than to find a class to do your downward dogging in. For instance a quick glance through our community “Spirit Pass” brochure offered me the choice of beginners, hatha, power flow, yin and restorative yoga. All being offered by the city of West Vancouver in 2 community centres and guaranteed to stretch you.

Judging by my quick Google search for “yoga Vancouver” there is no shortage anywhere since there were over 2,000 entries and at least 10 studios mapped out in downtown Vancouver.

So namaste and peace to you all this week.

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