Migrating wild life

An eagle is not a pet
An eagle is not a pet

We regularly hear from people coming to British Columbia with their pets. Mostly they are dogs or cats. We have also had the occasional rabbit, horse or gerbil.

Any of these animals will present some difficulties when moving over. The biggest issue is often finding a rental landlord who is just as keen as you are to share her home with your beloved pooch or moggie.

Just in case any of you have more exotic pets, you might want to know that British Columbia has now banned private ownership of exotic animals. There are some 1,200 species on the list, so I will not be listing it here.

Just be warned if you have a giraffe, hippo, tiger, poisonous frog, or crocodile then you will have to leave them behind. Please don’t release them into the wild as your former neighbours may not be too happy.

Funnily enough, I thought I would check out JCS Livestock’s web site as they offer a relocation service for pets. The picture on their home page is of a tiger. I know they will be able to help with the less exotic pets too.

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