Fog and temperature inversions

Looking down on the fog in Vancouver
Looking down on the fog in Vancouver

I may turn this into a weather blog the way things are going. Here in Vancouver we have had snow, rain, floods and now fog. Without getting too (or even at all) technical I can say that the cold weather at sea level and the warmer weather above has trapped the fog at sea level. A lot of the Burrard Inlet and the lower reaches of the north shore have been shrouded in fog all week.

This can make for some crazy experiences. If you are reading this on the web site you will see the photo that my friend Geoff took from Cypress Mountain this week. You can see the fog blanket below. What you can’t see, is that Geoff and other skiers and boarders on the north shore mountains were in t-shirts. It may have been freezing at sea level but on the mountain slopes it was 15° or more.

I wanted to take a picture of the fog too, and headed up to the view point on Cypress but there were so many others doing the same thing that I was turned away.

The fog is due to go tomorrow.

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