Snow angels

Snow season is approaching. We have already had some snow on the north shore mountains. Like most Vancouverites I am hoping for a lot of snow to settle on the mountains.

One of our friends has some lovely photos of their hike up on Mount Seymour last week, where there was enough snow for their oldest daughter to make a snow angel. For their youngest, not yet a year old, it was her first experience of snow. How exciting.

Actually locals too have this same excitement about the opening of the ski season. With the mountains visible from all over the area we have a constant reminder of the state of the snow and the urge to get out onto the mountains comes on strong.

It is something that most of us from other countries have not experienced – the thrill of waiting for the fun to start. And here in Vancouver, unlike eastern Canada which has already had a big winter storm, we look forward to snow purely as a recreational activity. It is rarely an inconvenience. And if we do have a big dump of snow, then the kids get to enjoy a “snow day” – with their schools closed.

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