Happy Thanksgiving

This holiday is a family one with families gathering around the (groaning) table to enjoy the feast. All across the country, children return from their universities to visit with their folks.

For us, Alice is the first of our children to be away from home at university. She is not the first to go to university as her two older sisters, Laura and Gwen stayed at home as they went to Capilano College (now University) in North Vancouver.

The roads, ferries and airlines must be packed with kids traveling this weekend. All looking forward to home cooked meals and meeting up with their high school buddies.

In some cases they are also returning to see their girl or boy friend – the one they left behind when they went away. Often these reunions are not so good – so much so the relationship comes to a sudden end. This is known as the turkey dump!

Alice will not have that to fear since there was no boy pining for her whilst she was away (not that we know of anyhow). The worst she has to fear is my cooking – as Sue and Laura are still in the UK for the last Emigrate Show.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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