Summer in Victoria

Victoria is BC’s capital. It’s British heritage shows in the double decker buses and high teas at the Empress Hotel. The charm of Victoria is in it’s size – small enough to be able to walk around the downtown area, window shopping, choosing a nice pub or restaurant to eat in or just taking in all the tourists.

Here is a short list of things to do in Victora.

Wander around the inner harbour and check out the street performers. There’s often a magic show to catch right by the water side. These often attract a crowd. But others you may not notice right away. What about the performers who stand statue like and are painted silver or bronze. Tourists can get startled when the statue behind them moves!

Visit Butchart Gardens. These are worth visiting to see the gardens themselves, but for extra zing, why not go for the fireworks on a Saturday evening in the summer.

Of course there is always whale watching – which does require sailing out of the harbour. There’s no shortage of places offering this.

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