Pemberton Festival

Last week was the first Pemberton music festival. I don’t know how well known this was outside of Canada, but here in Vancouver it was pretty big news.

Imagine, a sleepy little town like Pemberton. North of Whistler and with a population of around 4,000 people at most. This town is in the valley, overlooked by Mt Currie. Its main industry is farming.

Some 40,000 people came for the 3 day festival to see such acts as Coldplay, Tom Petty, Death Cab for Cutie, Nine Inch Nails, and Jay-Z amongst many others. So ten times the normal population? No wonder there were traffic problems. But that was actually the only major problem. Everything else seemed to go well.

Amazing really when you think of all those people camping in fields, lining up for food, drink and the loo. (Sorry washroom). The less hardy music lovers were able to stay in comfort in nearby Whistler – and pop in for the day. Whichever way you look at it, the event was well received and is likely to be an annual feature of our summer.

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