Our Canada Day

In past years we have gone to one or more of the celebrations held around Vancouver. In fact last year, Sue and I were handing out cake on the Macdonald Realty stand at Ambleside. That was enjoyable, especially seeing the long line of kids (and adults) waiting for their cake.

This year we spent the day with friends and family. We all met up at my cousin’s cottage for a game of baseball on the neighbouring field. There were people of all ages, ranging from 5 years up to 80 something.

The weather was hot and sunny. It was funny to see the kids, and enthusiastic dads playing baseball. Some of the younger kids, ran around a lot but with little direction. Some even sat down on the grass, more intent on playing with their toys than fielding. For a change, the parents watching from the sidelines were chatting rather than shouting encouragement – though there was some of that too.

In the garden behind the cottage, we’d set up a BBQ. Bruce was the grill master, earning kudos for his mastery of the grill and more so for controlling the hungry line up of kids who clustered around the grill. Sitting in lawn chairs watching the kids running around, with a cold beer and a hot dog proved to be a very pleasant way to spend Canada Day.

One of the young boys, had a pack of temporary tattoos. He was determined that everyone would have a Canadian flag tattoo. He was very serious, carrying his pack of tattoos, his bowl of water and cloth from one adult to the next. His persuasive powers were evident all around us, especially so on the bald head of one of the older guests. Knowing how hard I had to scrub to get my tattoo off my arm, I wonder if Bob will have to wear a hat for the rest of the week – or will he be proudly Canadian!

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