Road tests

One thing that many people stress about when coming to BC is the thought of taking their driving test here. In fact one of the most common questions is about dodgy ways of beating the system by going first to a Province that allows you to exchange your (British) licence for their Provincial one. Then hopping over to BC and swapping again. Job done.

Well I have heard this scheme to work, if the gods of bureaucracy are on your side. The rules suggest that you should have had your out of Province licence for two years first.

I mention this only because our second daughter, Gwen, has now passed her road test and has a full licence. She has graduated from the graduated licensing program and can drive like an adult. Her examiner actually wrote “beautiful drive” on her results.

Gwen was not really worried about the test. Most of her peers have taken them without failing and so has her older sister. She was probably more worried about the photo for her licence. And she wasn’t all that pleased with that. Beautiful drive shame about the cheesy smile.

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