Sail camp

The boats at my sailing club
The boats at my sailing club

My Dad has been bugging me again to write something. Well that is all very well, I know I am on holiday but I happen to be very busy. Holidays are when I get to go out with the guys and see movies or we hang out at each others houses.

This holiday I have been sailing at the local Yacht Club. I did Whitesails III in early July before we went away for a week. That was pretty good except the weather was pretty bad and it rained a lot. I wore my waterproofs most days!

WS3 was still on Pirates but at least we were not with the beginners and it was more fun. One day there was no wind at all and we all played soccer, did theory and team games at the club. You sail in pairs and take turns at being crew or skipper.

At the end of the course the instructors grade you on all your work and give you a report. You have to demonstrate all the skills in order to pass and pass the theory as well.

We got to sail around Passage Island again and had a BBQ at the club house. Another day we had a “bake day” and all brought cookies and cakes to share.

I want to be a coach one day, like some of the older guys. You have to volunteer for a couple of seasons and do the coaching course. It meant that I had to do Bronze IV before I was 14. So I ended up doing Bronze IV in early August. That meant we sailed the Lasers and Laser 2s. We can also do racing now in Bytes.

I have now caught up with most people my age and can start competing in the local races. The weather was very hot in August and we had great fun capsizing and racing each other. I had to learn the advanced sailing skills theory as well.

It is hard work sailing from 9 to 4 each day. The volunteers help with the extra work around the club and repair the boats, that will be great next summer.

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